Is your dental office following the ADA’s guidelines for amalgam waste recycling?  You can be both cost-conscious and environmentally-friendly when using MERI to recycle your amalgam waste.

In addition to disposing sharps, films and pharmaceuticals, MERI provides amalgam waste recycling mailback containers, amalgam separators, amalgam cartridges, amalgam capsule and tooth boxes.

    Powered by medentex, MERI offers a 100% compliant amalgam waste recycling program.  Save money while also being a friend to the environment. Also, keep hazardous mercury waste from entering into your publicly owned treatment works (POTWs)

Our Amalgam Waste Recycling Containers Trap Dangerous Mercury Vapors

Worry-free, as all amalgam collection containers featured below include a special mercury suppressant to trap dangerous mercury vapors.

Best of all, you will receive a certificate noting you’re 100% in compliance for keeping mercury out of your local water stream.

We’ll also keep track and will automatically remind you when it’s time to reorder your cartridge or container. And, we’ll give you a postage-paid UPS label to ship to our licensed amalgam recycling facility.

Free medical waste consultation  

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Amalgam Separator

click here to order A0US2001 Amalsed Silver Separator


Initial Set Up Kit for Dental Offices without an Amalgam Separator Already in Place.

Includes Top Air/Water Tank and the Amalgam Cartridge

Silver Service Disposal Box

click here to order AOUS2000 Silver Service Disposal Box



Exchange Cartridge and Waste Containers for Dental Offices in Year 2 Onwards.

A features a separator, 1.5 gal. waste container, tooth box and amalgam capsule bag in a handy return-shipping box.

Amalsed Silver Cartridge

Click here to order AOUS2002 Amalsed Silver Cartridge


Amalgam Separator Replacement Cartridge

100% Compatible with Many Existing Systems including Solmetex Hg5.

Replace Less Often 

Once a Year for 5 Chairs or Less

Twice a Year for 6-12 Chairs

Amalgam Waste S Mailback Container 1.5 gal.

Click here to order BOUS1901 Amalgam Waste S (1.5 gal) Mailback Container


Includes Mercury Vapor Suppressant Top To Protect Your Dental Staff 

Amalgam Waste L Mailback Container 4 gal.

Click here to order BOUS1902 Amalgam Waste L (4 gal) Mailback Container


Includes Mercury Vapor Suppressant Top To Protect Your Dental Staff

Amalgam Waste XL Mailback Container 6.5 gal.

Click here to order BOUS1904 Amalgam Waste XL (6.5 gal) Mailback Container


Includes Mercury Vapor Suppressant Top To Protect Your Dental Staff 

Amalgam Waste Tooth Box

Click here to order BOUS1900 Amalgam Tooth Box


Safety store extracted teeth with amalgam fillings that contain trace amounts of mercury

Amalgam Cap Guard

Amalgam Cap Guard

Click here to order BOUS1905 Amalgam Waste Cap Guard (1.5 gal)


Safely store large quantities of amalgam capsules