infectious waste

It’s time to report your 2018 infectious waste numbers to the WI DNR. You can access the link here.  March 1, 2019 is the deadline to submit your Wisconsin facility’s 2018 infectious waste numbers.

For those who generated more than 50 lbs. of sharps and medical waste in a calendar month during 2018, this task should go more quickly now that the WI DNR has automated the process. If you did one before, a lot of the electronic fields will already be filled in for you. Be sure to check them and make any necessary changes.

Does your healthcare facility need to file an infectious waste annual report?

State law requires businesses and institutions to separate and manage infectious waste safely. It requires hospitals, clinics and nursing homes to implement plans to reduce medical waste. To verify compliance with these requirements, infectious waste generators must file a report regarding waste sent off-site for infectious waste treatment. This is also know as the “Off-site Treatment Report.” In addition, hospitals, clinics and nursing homes must file the “Medical Waste Reduction Progress Report.” The DNR’s infectious waste annual report combines both reports in the same online form.

To determine whether your facility must file the infectious waste annual report, go to and search “infectious waste.” If you have questions, please contact Ariana Mankerian (608-266-6965).

MERI makes it easy to pull your infectious waste numbers

MERI customers can quickly get their numbers by using the online portal.  All you have to do is:
1)   log into:
2)   Type in your customer ID (if you can’t remember it, just give us a call and we can remind you what we have on file)
3)   Enter your password. Can’t remember it? Don’t worry. You can create a new one. Just click on the green button and follow the instructions in the email that will come your way.

If you are a generator of infectious waste in Wisconsin and have not yet received an email from the DNR notifying you of instructions to ensure everything gets filed correctly, be sure to email them at This is especially important if your facility has a new contact person.