MERI has a variety of regulated medical waste containers to meet your needs. All are leak-proof, tamper-proof, puncture resistant, spill-proof and reusable.

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Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) Collection Containers with FREE Liner

At MERI, there is no charge for the use of our regulated medical waste collection containers to collect infectious or chemotherapy waste — and no fee for the liner to go inside them.    There’s also no need to worry about hidden fees or monthly minimums.  Pay Only When You Need Us!

28-Gallon (4.4 cu ft) 23″h/22″w/22″d

 31-Gallon (4.8 cu ft)  22″h/20″w/24″d

32-Gallon (5.0 cu ft) 27″ h/22″w/22″d

38-Gallon (5.9 cu ft) 32″h/16″w/16″d

44-Gallon (7.4 cu ft) 32″h/24″w/24″d

50-Gallon (8.4 cu ft) 32″h/24″w/24″d

96-Gallon (15 cu ft) 43″h/24″w/34″d for Large Generators

Tilt Cart (1.5 cu yd) 44″h/66″w/31″d for Large Generators

38-Gallon Trace Chemotherapy 31″h/19″w/19″d