Trace Chemotherapy Containers

Trace Chemotherapy Collection

MERI provides 38 gallon yellow trace chemotherapy collection containers as part of our local pickup service. Many infusion pharmacies and medical facilities use MERI’s trace and bulk chemotherapy collection service.  In addition, MERI offers yellow container liner bags for purchase to line our collection containers.

Disposable chemotherapy containers are also available for purchase for our local pickup customers. They range in size from  2-, 8-, 12- and 18 gallon size. They can be ordered either in a sliding or hinged lid to safely collect trace chemo waste.

38 Gallon Trace Chemotherapy Collection Container

Disposable Chemo Waste Containers  

2-, 8-, 12- 18-Gallon

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MERI also offers an affordable and compliant solution to dispose of trace chemotherapy waste through the mail.

These trace chemotherapy mailback kits are used by:

  • Home infusion therapy pharmacies
  • Traveling nurses who assist with in-home chemotherapy treatments
  • Smaller medical clinics
  • Veterinarians
  • Biotech research companies