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What We Do

MERI safely disposes:
Sharps include needles, lancets (fingerstick devices), syringes, auto injectors, scalpel blades, pipettes, and discarded glass or rigid vials containing infectious agents.

Red Bag Waste, Biohazard Waste, Infectious Waste, Trace Chemo

Infectious waste that is dripable, pourable, or can flake off must go into red biohazard bags before it’s treated. Examples include: plastic vaginal speculums, used specimen swabs, used urine specimen cups, urine dipsticks, blood-soaked drapes, gloves, or anything contaminated with feces.

MERI also collects Trace Chemotherapy, antineoplastic or cytotoxic waste vials and syringes, laboratory waste, blood, regulated human body fluids, research animal waste that’s not been decontaminated, pathological waste and various sharps noted above.

Hazardous Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Bulk Chemo

MERI collects items noted by the Environmental Protection Agency as hazardous substances (flammable, toxic, corrosive or reactive). Items usually include: lead aprons, mercury devices, amalgam, pharmaceutical, bulk chemotherapy waste, dental developer and fixer, chemically-hazardous waste, corrosives and chemicals. MERI is also certified to handle the destruction of hazardous pharmaceuticals and controlled substances.

Non-Hazardous Pharmaceuticals

MERI offers various size containers to store your non-hazardous pharmaceuticals before we collect them for safe disposal.

BioTech, Laboratory Research Materials

MERI neutralizes biohazard waste often treated in an autoclave at research facilities. Our Sanitec System uses an environmentally compatible microwave process that heats material from the inside out, providing an extraordinarily high level of disinfection, with no harmful air emissions or liquid discharges of any kind. The volume of the material is reduced by 80% in the process.

Universal Waste, Amalgam

Includes batteries, lightbulbs, thermostats, ultraviolet tubes, mercury devices, amalgam, blood pressure cuffs and e-waste.

Blue Wrap

Surgical blue wrap is collected and recycled free of charge for MERI Inc. customers. It’s one of the many ways we help you reach your sustainability goals by reducing your medical waste numbers.

Confidential Materials (HIPAA)

MERI safely collects and destroys customer information on everything from pill and specimen containers to medicine bubble packs.

MERI can connect you with a pharmaceutical reverse distributor to help you earn credit more quickly and maximize your return on your pharmacy’s expired medicines.

DOT/RCRA Hazmat Training

MERI can develop a tailored training program for your organization that focuses on the proper handling of infectious waste. We also regularly conduct training on handling hazardous materials. To learn more about class schedules and locations, please contact us at:

Waste Audit

We can conduct an on-site audit to determine if your waste streams are being properly segregated. We can also make recommendations on how you can further reduce your waste stream to become more sustainable.

Compliance Assistance

MERI can work with your leadership team to create a customized standard operating procedure (SOP) manual that documents key regulatory information.

Sustainability Initiatives

Let MERI assist you with your sustainability efforts by:

  • Repurposing your medical devices
  • Recycling your blue wrap
  • Maximizing your return potential from your expired pharmaceuticals
  • Designing innovative solutions to streamline your waste process