Compliance Guide

Compliance Guide

Use MERI’s detailed Infectious Waste Compliance Guide to navigate the complex world of biohazard and medical waste disposal. It’s broken up into four easy-to-read sections that teach you how to easily, properly and affordably dispose your waste. It includes:


  • A catalog of easily comprehensible compliance requirements
  • A breakdown of how to lawfully track your medical waste
  • A list of simple ways to reduce your disposal costs

Our guide isn’t just about saving you from citations and overspending.

It’s about peace of mind – removing stress over infectious waste compliance concerns, and granting you more time to focus on your business.


What Our Customers Think About Us

“MERI provides mailback kits for all of our in-home infusion patients and helps us to stay abreast of all regulations. I like their ‘can do’ attitude.”would recommend MERI to any healthcare facility, with their friendly and helpful staff who are always available for suggestions on how to save money and make processes easier.”
– Tim Fritz, Chartwell WI

“MERI has been a consistent partner in our compliance with DNR and EPA standards. They are timely with their service and have met our medical and hazardous waste needs for many years. They are a valued partner of UW Health and appreciate their interest in customer satisfaction.”

Mike Holman, UW Health

“MERI has always been very accommodating to our facility when it comes to taking care of our waste. They are very timely with the return of Manifest Documentation and that keeps my records up to date. The staff at MERI has been an exceptional partner to work with.”

– Larry Wagner, Grant Regional Health Center


“MERI looks out for my hospital’s best interest. I like doing business with MERI because they are honest and trustworthy.”

Gail Reichling, Housekeeping Supervisor, Upland Hills Health

Feel secure that you’re disposing your infectious waste the right way!

Partner with MERI, and you could save 20–50% off your infectious and medical waste disposal!