Medical Waste Disposal: Save 20-50% 

Would you like to save up to 50% on your Medical Waste Disposal?

MERI’s simple approach – save by paying only when you need us – means big savings for you on medical waste disposal.

You’ll find:

  • No monthly charges
  • There are no minimums
  • Easy-to-understand invoices
  • No hidden fees or added charges
  • Pay only when you need us

Confused by Your Medical Waste Bill and Don’t Have Time to Figure It Out?

Does your bill seem more like a code needing to be cracked than an invoice? Feel like you’re being overcharged, but don’t know if there’s an alternative?

Between minimum fees, monthly charges for waste removal, and hidden fees, it’s difficult to make sense of your bill. And you don’t have the time to become a medical waste disposal expert to figure it out.

All you know is you have to dispose of waste – fast – and do it without breaking the bank.

MERI Offers a Cost-Effective, Easy-to-Understand Alternative

From collecting infectious waste to pharmaceutical waste, we do it all. The best part? We do it for less than anyone else.

How do we save you so much?  It’s simple – we only charge you when you need us, and we make sure you understand exactly what you’re paying for.

  • No Monthly Charges, No Minimums –  While other services charge customers per month, regardless of their needs, MERI takes a different approach. With MERI, you pay for pick-up and by the pound or per container (your choice). If you don’t need us, you don’t pay.
  • Local Routes – Dane County Business – We’re local, which gives us close proximity to pick-up points in the Dane County Area. Less travel for us, more savings for you. Plus, it gives you the assurance of knowing who you’re dealing with. We are also licensed to transport all your waste at once, regardless of classification. No more paying different companies to remove each kind of waste separately. Infectious waste, hazardous waste, light bulbs – we’ll take it all at once.

Discover How Much You Can Save!

  •  Simple Invoices with No Hidden Fees – We make understanding your invoice so easy to understand that we couldn’t hide fees even if we wanted to! We also send you an electronic invoice in addition to your paper copy, and store it along with an electronic manifest so your records are always saved.


  • Mailback Needle and Chemo Medical Waste Program – Do you have small amounts of needles or medical waste needing disposal? Our Medical Waste Recovery System (MWRS) offers a cost effective way to mail this waste to us.  Choose between our six different container options, including a chemo waste kit, for whatever best suits your needs. You’ll receive: Collection containers, packing boxes, prepaid return shipping labels, an easy-to-follow instruction sheet, and a manifest to document proper disposal from cradle to grave.

We won’t share your information with other parties.

Here’s What Your New Service Will Look Like

Removing your medical waste shouldn’t be a headache. Or, it shouldn’t be an expensive ordeal. MERI disposes medical waste in an affordable, compliant way.

With MERI you’ll:

  • Call us only when you need us, and never have to worry about getting overcharged
  • Never have to fight your way through a perplexing bill
  • Get electronic manifests that we’ll archive for you
  • Work with local professionals, in a company owned by Madison-area hospitals

Dane County’s Best-Kept Secret—Just Ask Our Clients

MERI (Madison Environmental Resources Inc.) began in 1985 as a joint venture between the UW Hospital and Clinics, Meriter Hospital, and SSM Healthcare. We service anyone who needs medical waste disposal with either pickup or mailback services.


  • Licensed Infectious Waste Transporter
  • Licensed Hazardous Waste Transporter
  • Licensed Infections Waste Disposal Facility