Sustainability Initiatives

MERI can assist with your facility’s sustainability initiatives. With our one-source disposal solutions, we can collect your hazardous waste at the same time as your infectious waste. One pickup time — and one bill to pay.

We can help you reduce your waste numbers by:

One-Stop Savings

MERI can pick up your universal waste items and your blue wrap for recycling while we are already there to collect your medical waste, saving you an additional pick-up fee.

Reusable Sharps Containers

MERI offers a reusable sharps container program. Reduce landfill waste by eliminating disposable sharps containers in your facility.

Reusable Non-Hazardous Pharmaceutical Containers

Some MERI pickup customers take part in a reusable non-hazardous pharmaceutical collection container program

Lab Pack

An economical solution for getting rid of your unwanted hazardous chemicals is to have MERi put together a lab pack. Safely package and ship hazardous and non-hazardous materials for disposal.

MERI Collects More Than Just Medical Waste

Used Oil, batteries, bulbs, pesticides

Want To Know More about MERI's Sustainability Initiatives?