RCRA Non-Hazardous Waste Containers

RCRA Non-Hazardous Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Collection Containers

MERI’s RCRA non-hazardous waste containers, with a blue lid, are used to collect non-hazardous chemicals and non-hazardous pharmaceuticals.

Disposable RCRA Non-Hazardous Containers:

Non-Haz Pharmaceutical Containers

2 gallon 10.5″h/10″w/7.3″d

8 gallon 18″h/15.5″w/11″d

12 gallon 18.8″h/ 18.3″w/12.8″d

18 gallon 26″h/18.3″w/13″d ” d

Reusable RCRA Non-Hazardous Containers:

17 Gallon RCRA Non-Haz Waste

Reusable Container


(Also available in 4.9 gallon)