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Disposing biohazard, infectious or hazardous waste?

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for a compliant, cost-effective solution

MERI services healthcare, biotech, research, government agencies, businesses and public facilities throughout the Midwest, including organizations near and around:

Compliant, Cost-Effective Pickup or Mailback Solutions for Biohazard Removal


Created in 1985 by a group of Madison, Wisconsin hospitals, Madison Environmental Resourcing Inc. (MERI) understands your world and the types of medical waste you need to properly dispose.


MERI helps facilities throughout the Midwest compliantly remove and destroy:

  •  Sharps
  •  Biohazard or Infectious Waste
  •  Hazardous Chemicals
  •  Expired Pharmaceuticals
  •  Blue Wrap
  •  Universal (bulbs, batteries)

Our approach helps you to:

  • Save Time as we’ll quickly respond to your needs
  • Save Money as you’ll pay only when service is needed
  • Save Stress in figuring how to comply with current regulations
  • Save Frustration as you won’t see hidden fees for containers or bags
  • Save on Paperwork by using MERI’s electronic manifest system
  • Save on Training by having MERI act as your DOT agent
  • Save the Environment by incorporating MERI’s sustainable practices of recycling blue wrap, repurposing medical devices, and receiving funds through a pharmaceutical reverse distribution program

MERI is a Licensed Infectious and Hazardous Waste Transporter in the Midwest as well as is a Licensed Infectious Waste Treatment Facility.

Let our trusted, reliable team provide you with a compliant, cost-effective solution when removing your biohazard or hazardous materials.

Call MERI (608) 257-7652 or click here for quick, a no obligation quote