Compliance and Training

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DOT Certification and RCRA Awareness

MERI regularly sponsors training on the proper handling of hazardous materials.  Check here for our current training sessions.

Additionally, we can assist your organization with training that focuses on the proper handling of all your waste streams, including:

  • infectious waste
  • pharmaceutical waste
  • chemical waste
  • universal waste

For additional resources, visit our blog or contact us at

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Waste Stream Review

MERI can conduct an on-site review to determine the adequate segregation of your waste streams. We can also make recommendations on further reducing your waste streams to become more sustainable.

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Compliance Assistance

MERI can work with your team to create a customized pharmaceutical waste manual that documents formularies, waste maps, key contacts, regulatory information, and more.

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Pharmaceutical Waste Management

MERI will bulk hazardous materials on-site into larger containers.  As a result, this consolidation provides a cost-saving method of shipping and destruction for your facility.