Reusable Sharps Containers

MERI’s Reusable Sharps Container Program

Our reusable sharps container program is available for pick-up customers interested in an eco-friendly, cost-effective, safe, and easy solution for sharps and pharmaceutical waste disposal. They:

  • Reduce unneeded landfill waste
  • Increase your sustainability efforts
  • Save time and money – you no longer have to source and purchase disposable containers
  • Reduce the risk of needle stick injuries
  • Optimize your space with mounting and moving accessories

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Reusable Sharps Containers

MERI’s reusable containers are safe and secure.  They are leakproof, puncture-resistant, and designed not to overfill.

10 Gallon (16″h  x  20″w x 12″d) Reusable Container and 17 Gallon (26″h x 20″w x 12″ d Reusable Container

Rehrig reusable sharps containers in 2 sizes

3.2 Gallon (14″h x 15″w x 7″d) Reusable Container and 4.9 Gallon (20″h x 15″w x 7″d) Reusable Container


Pharmaceutical Waste Containers

MERI has reusable containers for RCRA Hazardous Pharmaceutical and Non-Hazardous Pharmaceutical Waste

Black top reusable RCRA hazardous pharmaceutical container

17 Gallon RCRA Hazardous Reusable Pharmaceutical Container (26″ h x 20″w x 12″ d)

Blue top non-hazardous pharmaceutical reusable container

17 Gallon Non-Hazardous Reusable Pharmaceutical Container (26″h x 20″w x 12″d)

“Keeping unnecessary plastic out of the landfill was our biggest factor in switching to reusable medical waste containers” 

Nelson NeCollin, EVS Manager

Richland Hospital, Richland Center, WI

“Reusable Regulated Medical Waste Collection and Pharmaceutical Containers were Cheaper and Provided Cost Savings for Us in the Long Run”

Nelson NeCollin, EVS Manager

Richland Hospital, Richland Center, WI

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