Medical waste disposal companies are finding an easy, eco-friendly solution to tracking their collection and destruction process by using MERI’s Genesis e-manifest system.

Madison Environmental Resourcing Inc. (MERI) developed Genesis proprietary electronic manifest system in 2012 to help its hospital partners compliantly and sustainably track their medical waste throughout the cradle-to-grave disposal process.

Now other medical waste companies, including Superior Waste in MI, are using Genesis to quickly find the information they need and efficiently service their customers.

Gerald Belanger, owner of Superior Waste said, “I was looking for an affordable electronic manifest solution to cut down on the paper I was sending to the landfill. With Genesis, I can easily schedule my routes and document my customer’s medical waste disposal, from generation to destruction, whether I”m on the road or at my desk. Plus, I can quickly look up a manifest or get report information, with just a few keystrokes.”

Works on Computer, Tablet or Phone

Genesis’ comprehensive system works on any PC or Apple product, including a computer, tablet and phone. It can be customized to fit your company’s specific needs. And, it can even have your disposal company’s logo and brand colors.

MERI’s main Genesis manifest module includes a:

  • Customer Information Database
  • Electronic Manifest System
  • Billing and Sales Reporting
  • Waste Retrieval Archive

Medical waste collection drivers who use Genesis like the convenience of being able to easily locate customer information, link to maps and notes, log collected waste, and use quick sign that captures electronic signatures.

Most importantly, medical waste disposal company customers like it for two simple reasons: One, they can track the medical waste from the time it leaves the dock to the time it’s treated and destroyed. And, two, they can easily look up a single manifest, or get comprehensive information, for an annual report.

Other available Genesis modules include a:

  • Bill of Lading – tracks universal waste shipments
  • Supply Order – records product deliveries and sales
  • Operations – monitors key process indicators to meet regulatory requirements

Best of all, Genesis can integrate with Quickbooks, helping to make invoicing a breeze.

For more information about Genesis e-manifest system, contact MERI at 608-257-7652 or email