Bloodborne Pathogens: Test Your Knowledge.

See if you know what it takes to keep everyone safe in the workplace.

Also, be sure to keep MERI Inc.’s BIohazard Bloodspill Cleanup and Disposal Kit on hand to disinfect, document and dispose after a workplace incident.

Restaurateurs are always on the alert for red flags that could sink their ratings and bottom lines. But sometimes, the simplest mistake – like not having a place to store used needles – can result in an unfortunate headline. Use these three restaurant sharps disposal tools to help avoid a (bio)hazardous review from a customer, employee or OSHA inspector: Read more

MERI's new Biohazard Blood Spill Clean Up & Disposal Kit

Blood, vomit, urine, feces, or other biohazard waste spills happen everyday on a bus or in a school, lab, manufacturing or business setting. It’s a dirty job but someone has to clean it up.  If you’ve planned ahead, thankfully, you have MERI’s new Biohazard Blood Spill Clean Up & Disposal Kit on hand to do it.

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infectious waste

Are you wondering if it’s time to file your WI DNR Infectious Waste Report? Or even if you need to file this year?

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ Infectious Waste Report applies to all Wisconsin infectious waste generators. It’s not just for medical facilities, such as hospitals, clinics or nursing homes. It verifies that both generators and treatment facilities throughout the state are in compliance with regulatory manifesting requirements.

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preparing for a minor industrial accident

Are you prepared it an accident occurs in your industrial plant? A medical waste mailback kit helps clean up after a minor industrial accident. And, it provides documentation so that you can record everything was not only cleaned up but also properly disposed.  These mailback kits are important because every industrial plant has a legal obligation to develop an accident control plan. As part of this control plan, specific employees must be trained on how to correctly clean up and dispose of blood and the waste generated in an incident.   Read more