Kit Aids Blood Cleanup & Disposal

Do you know how to properly handle blood cleanup and disposal should a minor incident happen in your industrial or manufacturing plant?

It’s not as simple as mopping up with a few towels and throwing everything in the trash. Bloody waste is not like standard garbage. Saturated bloody waste is considered infectious waste because of the potential for carrying diseases.

Abiding by the correct safety protocols when cleaning up potentially infectious materials keeps others safe. It helps to prevent exposure to a bloodborne pathogen illness like Hepatitis, HIV, or HBV. So, protect others by following the bloodborne pathogen standards outlined in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) fact sheet. 

Having an accident control plan in place, with select employees trained on how to correctly clean up and dispose of blood and waste from an incident, will help avoid a liability issue for your company.

Blood Cleanup and Disposal

So, what can you do to keep your employees safe and your facility compliant? Having a Blood Spill Cleanup and Disposal Kit as part of your first aid station supplies may be your answer to both.

This MERI medical waste disposal kit disinfects, documents, and disposes of the waste during the incident cleanup. Once cleanup is complete, and all infectious material is placed inside of the biohazard container, simply use the box with pre-paid postage to mailback to MERI for proper disposal.

Facilities can also use the blood spill kit beyond accident response. For instance, some industrial plants have first aid or nurse’s station where bloody materials are collected or shots are administered. This kit could provide a simple way for nurses to dispose of this medical waste. Plus, they are a great way to dispose of needles or other sharp devices that may have come in contact with potentially infectious material.

These kits are ideal for small amounts of waste. Therefore, they are much more cost-effective than having a pickup service come to your facility.

Have a MERI Blood Spill Kit Handy

In an industrial plant or factory, you never know when an injury will arise that suddenly creates small amounts of infectious waste. Therefore, keep a MERI blood spill kit or medical waste kit handy, so you can safely and lawfully handle the situation when the time comes.

MERI Blood Spill Clean Up Mailback Kits

MERI Inc's blood spill clean up and disposal kit




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blood spill clean up and disposal kit

Each MERI Biohazard Blood Spill Clean Up & Disposal Kit includes:

  • 10 g. Solidifier (1)
  • Scoop & Scraper (1)
  • Disinfectant Surface Wipe (1)
  • Red Biohazard Waste Bag (1)
  • Twist Tie (1)
  • Pair of Vinyl Gloves (1)
  • Antimicrobial Hand Wipe (1)
  • Exposure Incident Form (1)
  • Absorbent Pad (2)
  • Exposure Incident Form (1)
  • Manifest to Document Proper Disposal of Potentially Infectious Waste (1)
  • Pre-paid Postage Shipping Box to Send Material to Treatment Facility (1)

DOT and USPS Certified

DOT and USPS certified each MERI medical waste mailback kit holds up to eight pounds of absorbed waste. Best of all, it features a manifest noting the proper destruction of your biohazard waste at MERI’s licensed treatment facility. Documenting the proper disposal of your infectious waste helps comply with OSHA after an accident involving bloodborne pathogens.

MERI’s all-in-one, pre-paid postage biohazard mail-back kit is your total solution when cleaning up and disposing of contaminated infectious waste.