Why It Makes Sense to Switch To Reusable Sharps Containers

Why Switch to Reusable Sharps Containers?

Making the switch to reusable sharps containers will significantly reduce the amount of medical waste entering our landfills.  In addition to being eco-friendly, reusable biohazard containers provide other benefits to your facility.

Ditch the disposable containers and switch to reusable containers for your infectious waste and pharmaceutical waste.

Here are three reasons why it makes sense to switch to reusables:

MERI Can Help You Make the Switch to Reusable Sharps Containers


Reusable sharps containers offer a sustainable solution.  When a disposable sharps container is full, that container gets disposed of along with the infectious waste inside of it.  That is a lot of unnecessary plastic waste in our landfills. Once a reusable sharps container is full, it gets emptied of its medical waste, properly sterilized according to state and local regulations, and then put back into service. Additionally, when using reusables, you’ll be able to watch the weight of extra plastic or cardboard fall out of the total regulated medical waste (RMW) pound generated at your facility.  When your RMW number goes down, your environmentally-friendly sustainability rating goes up!

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“Reusables help us to keep unneeded plastic out of the landfill.”

Nelson NeCollin, EVS Manager


Reusable sharps containers are cost-effective.  No more buying a new container each time another one gets full.  Not to mention, sourcing disposable containers is difficult right now due to supply chain issues. You will avoid the cost of paying to dispose of a single-use container along with your waste, too.  With reusable containers, you will find a quick return on your investment, particularly in high-volume areas.

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“Reusable sharps containers were more cost-effective for us in the long run.”

Nelson NeCollin, EVS Manager

Richland Hospital

Safe and Easy

Reusable sharps containers are safe and easy.  These biohazard containers are leakproof, puncture-resistant, and designed not to overfill. In addition, an interchangeable two-hole vertical, or horizontal mailbox insert, helps to avoid needle stick injuries and provides for safer sharps disposal. MERI can also provide mounting and moving accessories to optimize your space and make collection and storage a breeze.  Best of all, MERI makes it easy by tracking the inventory and sterilization for you.

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Eco-friendly, economical, simple, and secure.  All great reasons to switch to MERI’s reusable sharps containers.  Click here to see various sizes of sharps, pharmaceutical, and hazardous containers MERI has available.