A school nurse’s office or health services office plays an invaluable role in the health and safety of their students and staff.  With this in mind, as schools, colleges, and universities prepare for returning students this fall, we recognize that they may be looking for a safe and convenient way to dispose of their infectious waste.  Therefore, MERI’s medical waste mailback kits are the perfect sharps disposal solution for schools. Our mailback kits are ideal for the disposal of epi-pens, diabetic needles, syringes, and any waste that may be contaminated by infectious material such as blood or bodily fluids.


Order Kit(s)Number 1 shaped framed green chalkboard with chalk

Find the kit(s) that work best for you.  Then, place your order from our online store.  If you contact us directly, we can set you up with auto-renew.  Our auto-renew program will automatically send you a replacement kit once we receive your full container for destruction. Additionally, we can also work with you to set up your entire school district on our mailback kit program.

Number 2 shaped framed green chalkboard with chalkFill Container(s)

Place your sharps, needles, epi-pens, and other infectious waste in the certified containers as needed.




Number 3 shaped framed green chalkboard with chalkMail Back

Once you are ready to send back your waste, package it up per the instructions in the original box, which already has a pre-paid, return postage label on it.  Then, leave it with your postal carrier or drop it off at the post office.




Once you experience how simple and convenient our sharps disposal solution is, you will wonder why you haven’t been using mailback kits all along to dispose of your school’s infectious waste.  Mailback kits are an economical choice for your school because you can order the kits as needed.  Not to mention, there is no contract and no costly in-person pickup fees.

MERI’s medical waste mailback kits are available nationwide. Contact us, and we can help your school, college, university, or even your entire school district utilize this sharps disposal solution.


“The Madison Metropolitan School District decided to use the MERI mailback system to dispose of our biohazard medical waste (i.e. covid test cards) and sharps. The package comes complete with everything needed for shipping full containers back to MERI. MERI provides video tutorials and responds promptly to questions. We look forward to continuing our partnership with MERI.”


Dawn Sebranek, MS, RN, CPNP

Lead School Nurse, Madison Metropolitan School District