How to Package Your Trace Chemo Mailback Kit

You’ve received a trace chemo mailback kit as part of in-home chemotherapy treatment. We sincerely hope that the treatment goes well for you or a loved one.

We also hope that this kit will help take the worry away about how to dispose of the waste generated during the treatment process.

Watch the video below to help you properly package it for disposal after an in-home chemotherapy treatment.

What Goes in the Box?

The kit is for the returning of regulated medical waste after your treatment is complete.

It SHOULD contain items like:

  • Gloves
  • Gowns
  • IV treatment bags with trace amounts of chemo waste
  • Needles

What Doesn’t Go in the Box

These Items SHOULD NOT be placed inside of the mailback kit:

  • Full bags of chemo
  • Hazardous pharmaceuticals
  • Infusion Pumps

When Receiving Your Kit

Follow These Steps When Receiving Your Trace Chemo Mailback Kit:

  1. Open up the White Tabs on the Outside of the Box
  2. You’ll notice an instruction card just inside of the box. STOP and read them.
  3. Open up the Brown Tabs on the inside box.
  4. Remove the yellow trace chemo container from the plastic liner that’s inside of inner brown box.
  5. Keep the container out for service but place of the original packaging materials in a safe place. You’ll need to retrieve them when shipping the container back to MERI’s licensed medical waste treatment plant.

When Using Your Kit

Many who’ve gone through chemo treatments said that they found the experience more comforting when done in their home. The trace chemo mailback kit makes sure that after the treatment successfully takes place, the infectious waste from the treatment, can be properly destroyed. This includes things like gowns, gloves, empty IV treatment bags, and other infectious waste, such as bloody gauze.

Sometimes in-home chemo treatment doesn’t go as planned. There may be a reaction and the treatment must stop early, leaving a bulk amount of chemo in the bag. If this happens, be sure to call the infusion company who provided you with your medical waste kit. They will have an alternative plan to collect this waste. If you don’t know who provided you with the kit, give us a call at 608-257-7652 and we can connect you.

Also, NEVER put items like infusion pumps in the medical waste box. There is a separate process to collect this expensive piece of equipment.

When Sending Back Your Kit

Follow these steps when sending back your trace chemo kit once it is full:

  1. Make sure the lid is closed on your yellow container.
  2. Retrieve the shipping materials. Place the container inside of the plastic bag.
  3. Close the plastic bag, twist it a few times, and fold the twisted end over into a loop. Use the white plastic twist zip tie located inside of the lid of the brown box to secure the bag closed.
  4. Next, place the zip-tied plastic bag inside the inner brown box and close the inner tabs.
  5. Now close the outer white tabs.
  6. On the side of the box, you’ll find two copies of the manifest in a plastic sleeve. Open the plastic sleeve and pull out the two manifests. Sign and date one copy of the manifest and return it to the sleeve, pinching the top of the manifest sleeve closed. Keep the other manifest for your records.
  7. You are now ready to take your kit to a United States Post Office for shipment. Or, go to to arrange for it to be collected when your mail is dropped off.
  8. There is prepaid postage label on the outside of the white shipping box, so you shouldn’t have to pay any for additional postage for the kit.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact or call 608-257-7652