MERI - (Madison Environmental Resourcing Inc.)

MERI is a fully licensed and insured medical waste removal and disposal company servicing Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota area hospitals, clinics and skilled nursing homes.

At MERI, we insure your waste stream follows all city, state and federal guidelines regarding the proper transportation and destruction of regulated medical, hazardous, universal, pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical reverse distribution.

Medical Waste and Sharps Disposal Services

A range of scheduling preferences are available to meet the needs of your healthcare facility. Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and PRN.

In addition to regulated medical waste disposal, MERI provides disposal and destruction of: Laboratory waste, Red Bag waste, Pharmaceutical waste, Pathological and Chemotherapy waste, Sharps and Hazardous waste.

Microwave Technology

MERI uses the environmentally compatible process of Microwave Processing to ensure safety and value in their treatment of medical waste products. With no harmful air emmissions or liquid discharges of any kind, the only by-product of waste treated through our Sanitec system is a confetti-like residue.

Save on Medical Waste Disposal

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