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5 Quart Mailback (Qty 1) #1509


Remove your needles and infectious waste with MERI Inc.’s 5 Quart Sharps Disposal Mailback Container (Qty 1). DOT and USPS certified, it holds up to eight pounds and documents the cradle-to-grave destruction of your biohazard materials.

It includes:

* A rigid, 12.5″ high x 11″ wide x 5.5″ deep, biohazard container (fits inside Covidien’s #85161H wall-mounted enclosure)

* A postage-paid return label and shipping materials

* A Manifest noting the proper destruction of your waste.

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See how easy MERI’s Medical Waste Recovery System works to remove needles, sharps and infectious waste.

5 Quart Sharps Disposal Mailback Container (Qty 1)

Remove up to eight pounds of needles and infectious waste with this 5 Quart Sharps Disposal Mailback Container (Qty 1).

It includes:

  • A rigid, 12.5" high x 11" wide x 5.5" deep, biohazard container
  • Shipping materials and a postage-paid return label
  • A manifest noting proper destruction of your infectious waste

Use with MERI Inc.'s Sharps Guard Box

This five quart sharps disposal mailback container is often placed inside Covidien's #85161H wall-mounted enclosure. In need of a more rugged wall enclosure to mount in public restroom in a gas station or athletic facility? Then, insert this inside MERI Inc.'s durable and lockable Sharps Guard storage box.

Cost-Effective Medical Waste Disposal

MERI's mailback kits are a cost-effective way for schools, homes and offices to dispose epi pens after use. Moreover, they are an easy way to remove needles and lancets from diabetic injections or other medications.

Compliant Sharps Disposal Solution

Medical clinics, nursing homes, dental and veterinarian offices use MERI Inc.'s compliant mailback containers in lieu of a medical waste collection service. Also, acupuncturists and tattoo artists use them to document proper needle destruction. And, biotech and research facilities find them a great solution for documenting the removing of their biohazard waste.  In addition, police and crime scene responders get rid of infectious materials with these handy mailback kits. Lastly, safety managers at manufacturing and athletic facilities use MERI Inc.'s mailback kits to collect and destroy material containing blood borne pathogens.

5 Quart Sharps Disposal Mailback Container (Qty 1) Holds

What can go inside MERI Inc.'s Five Quart Sharps Disposal Mailback Container? This rigid, USPS and DOT certified biohazard container holds: sharps, needles, lancets (fingerstick devices), syringes and auto injectors. Likewise, scalpel blades, pipettes, and discarded glass or rigid vials containing infectious agents can go inside of it.

When ordering a MERI Inc. Sharps Disposal Mailback Container, please allow one to two business days for delivery. Before sending your full biohazard container back to MERI Inc., be sure to confirm the address on the sign the manifest located on the side of the shipping box. Also, please give your postage-paid box to your United States Postal Service carrier.   If needed, order another MERI mailback kit before returning yours so that you can always have a safe place to store your biohazard materials.

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See how easy all of MERI's Medical Waste Recovery System mailback kits work to remove needles, sharps and infectious waste.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11.5 × 8 × 13.5 in
Biohazard Container Size

12.5" high x 11" wide x 5.5" deep

Used By:

Medical Clinics
Nursing Homes
Dental and Veterinarian Offices
Tattoo Artists
Schools and Athletic Facilities
Biotech and Research Facilities
Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities
Police and Crime Scene Responders
Hotels and Conference Centers
Bars, Restaurants and Gas Stations
In-Home Patient Care

Biohazard Container Holds:

Up to eight pounds of sharps, needles, lancets (fingerstick devices), syringes, auto injectors.

Delivery Time:

one to two business days through the United States Post Office