SharpsGuard Lockable Boxes

MERI’s lockable containers safely collect needles from diabetic employees and customers. These rugged sharps storage containers are used for secure storage by Police Stations, Hospitals, Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, Restaurants, Corporate Offices and more.

MERI can work with you to install and service these lockable sharps containers in your facility, or you can purchase them directly from us to install. Give us a call to order today!

Each mountable SharpsGuard container works in conjunction with MERI’s MWRS Mailback System to safely dispose needles once the SharpsGuard box is full.

1 qt. SharpGuard Lockable Box  9″h/5.5″w/6″d

5 qt. SharpGuard Lockable Box 13″h/12.5″w/5.5″d

5 qt. SharpGuard Lockable Box 13″h/12.5″w/5.5″d