Sharps and Infectious Waste

Sharps and Infectious Waste

Regulated Medical Waste contains pathogens that can cause illness. This waste is also known as RMW, biohazard or red bag waste.

Typical red bag waste items are blood, body fluids, sharps or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM).

Examples of sharps include:

  • Needles
  • Lancets (fingerstick devices)
  • Syringes
  • Auto Injectors
  • Scalpel Blades
  • Pipettes
  • Discarded glass or rigid vials containing infectious agents.

Anything that Drips, Flakes or Pours Must Go in Bio Bag

Anything with blood or pathogens on it which is “dripable, flakeable or pourable” must go into a red biohazard bag and be treated at a licensed disposal company like MERI.

Examples of infectious or biohazard waste include:

  • Plastic Vaginal Speculums
  • Used Specimen Swabs
  • Used Urine Specimen Cups
  • Urine Dipsticks
  • Blood-Soaked Drapes
  • Gloves, or anything contaminated with feces.

Other Regulated Medical Waste

Besides sharps and infectious waste, MERI also collects trace chemotherapy, antineoplastic or cytotoxic waste vials and syringes, laboratory waste and research animal waste that’s not been decontaminated, such as pathological waste.