MERI Inc. Video

 Always wonder where your medical waste goes after it leaves your facility? Watch our new video for a behind the scenes view of Madison Environmental Resourcing Inc.

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Are you disposing of your infectious waste properly?

We hear the same question from infectious waste generators over and over again: How can I dispose of my waste compliantly and affordably? It’s a big question that requires a comprehensive answer. That’s why we’ve put together a “Guide to Infectious Waste Done Right,” which we invite you to download at the end of this post. Read more

Dispose of your medical waste cheaply and easily through the mail

Most producers of even small amounts of infectious waste depend on a waste disposal company for pick up. However, in many cases, a mail back system has proven to be a more cost-effective way for homes and smaller clinics to dispose of their medical waste. Read more

The violations are different, but the first line always reads the same – “Dear ‘Person’s Name’, The Department of Natural Resources has reason to believe ‘Company Name’ is in violation of Wisconsin’s hazardous waste laws.” Fortunately, by avoiding some common compliance issues, you can avoid even receiving a letter like this.

With Ebola spreading, it’s important to follow these guidelines for contaminated waste

As we’ve watched Ebola spread from African nations to US health care facilities, it’s become prudent that we take extra precautions with waste generated by isolation units treating infected patients. This post includes a link to our Standard Operating Procedures for disposing of Ebola-related waste, along with updates as information changes. Read more

Stay in compliance to avoid hefty audit fines

Sooner or later, the Department of Natural Resources is going to audit your business to ensure you are properly disposing your medical waste. To help you avoid any possible penalties, here are the top 12 things the DNR looks for during an audit. Read more