Your Guide to Compliant and Affordable Infectious Waste Disposal

Are you disposing of your infectious waste properly?

We hear the same question from infectious waste generators over and over again: How can I be a more compliant generator and find affordable infectious waste disposal? It’s a big question that requires a comprehensive answer. That’s why MERI has put together a “Guide to Infectious Waste Done Right.” We invite you to download it at the end of this post.

Affordable Infectious Waste Disposal

Despite most people’s best efforts, it isn’t always easy to be a responsible and economical infectious waste producer. Our guide seeks to make life a little less stressful. We’ll do this by breaking up the information you need to know into four easily comprehensible sections. Here’s a preview of what’s in our guide:

How to remain compliant

Compliance is generally at the forefront of every infectious waste generator’s mind. Not only does compliance encourage safety for yourself, waste handlers and the environment, it can help you avoid some pretty steep fines – up to $25,000 per violation, per day.

In this section, we describe the top nine things you can do to remain compliant. This includes how to correctly package your waste, manifest it and discard it in the correct container. We also take you through some of the most common mistakes we see from generators. Things like sewering hazardous waste.

How to reduce your waste

Reducing the amount of infectious waste your facility generates is an easy way to save money. Considering infectious waste disposal costs 10 times that of standard waste disposal, it’s pretty obvious how less waste translates into big savings.

Moreover, reducing your infectious waste disposal is a lot simpler than you might think. The key actually has little to do with your actual production. In fact, it is more to do with educating your team. In this section, we take you through some simple steps to work with your staff and immediately reduce your waste stream.

How to track your medical waste

Tracking or manifesting your infectious waste is instrumental in remaining a compliant infectious waste generator. Unfortunately, it’s an area with which many generators struggle. That’s why we dedicate an entire section to teaching you how to properly manifest your infectious waste.

Why is documenting your waste removal with a manifest so important? It allows you and the government to verify your waste has been properly transported by a licensed hauler and destroyed, and that no waste has been lost in the process.

Here, we explain what you need to fill out, how to do it, and the best way to keep a copy of your manifest on record to provide proof should the Department of Transportation audit your facility.

How to reduce your disposal costs

Whether through misunderstanding, miscommunication or confusion, many infectious waste generators overpay for their waste disposal every day. In this section, we explain how the following four simple strategies can help you save a ton of money:

  • Knowing how to read your bill
  • Avoiding monthly fees
  • Using a medical waste mail back program
  • Using a sharps return program

Ready to become a more compliant and economical infectious waste generator today? Don’t wait – download our free “Guide to Infectious Waste Done Right” below, and you’ll be well on your way!

Learn how to easily track, properly handle and affordably dispose your biohazard or infectious waste.