Nursing Homes

RMW Collection & Disposal Solutions For Nursing Homes

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1-gal_syringe_250 MERI  has been providing cost effective and dependable medical, infectious and hazardous waste solutions since 1985.

 MERI  is a fully licensed and insured medical waste transport,treatment and disposal company servicing Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota.

Be Secure Knowing that Your Nursing Home is Compliant With Savings up to 50%

 MERI helps protect both employees and the environment by ensuring that nursing homes are in compliance with federal, state and local regulations regarding the safe removal of medical, infectious and hazardous waste – without hidden fees or monthly minimums – saving customers 20-50% or more!

Swift. Safe. Sustainable.

We help ensure your regulated waste stream follows all local, state and federal guidelines regarding proper transportation and destruction.

  • Sustainable electronic manifest system for proof of destruction.
  • Training tailored to your nursing home needs.

EPA Rules Are Changing and New Increased Enforcement Puts Nursing Homes at Greater Risk.

In the past, pharmaceutical, medical, infectious and hazardous waste audits of nursing homes were rare, but new, increased enforcement rules have put nursing homes that are not in compliance at greater risk of violation penalties ($27,500 per violation/per day).  Now is the time to ensure that your nursing home is in compliance to better protect your employees, the environment and your business.

MERI Can Help You Stay Compliant With EPA, OSHA, DOT and FDA Regulations at up to 1/2 the Cost That You’re Paying Now!

Your Flexible, One Source Solution.

 MERI  offers a variety of sizes and types of waste containers to meet your specific nursing home requirements.

  • Infectious waste (including sharps).
  • Hazardous waste (items containing mercury, sanitizer, disinfectants and more
  • Trace chemotherapy waste.
  • Pharmaceutical waste.
  • Universal waste (fluorescent bulbs, batteries and more).

No hidden fees!   No monthly minimums!

Pay only when you need us!

Multiple contracts and additional fees can quickly inflate nursing home RWM disposal costs.

To find out if you’re paying too much, call MERI today at 608.257.7652.

review_cover_iconMERI  will provide a FREE REVIEW of your waste collection and disposal practices to verify compliance. So, to ensure that your nursing home is compliant and save money, call  MERI  at 608.257.7652 to schedule your FREE waste review.

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