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RCRA Hazardous Waste Containers

RCRA Hazardous Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals, Bulk Chemotherapy Collection Containers

MERI’s black RCRA waste containers are used to collect hazardous chemicals, bulk chemotherapy and hazardous pharmaceuticals.

Disposable RCRA Hazardous Containers:

1.5 qt. RCRA  P-Waste Container 10″h/3.5″w/3.5″d

2-gal. RCRA Waste Container 10.5″h/10″w/7.3″d

8-gal. RCRA Waste Container 18″h/15.5″w/11″d

12-gal. RCRA Waste Container 18.8″h/ 18.3″w/12.8″d

18-gal. RCRA Waste Container 26″h/18.3″w/13″d

30-gal. RCRA Waste Drum 29.5″h/20″w/20″d

55-gal. RCRA Waste Drum 37″h/22″w/22″d

5 Gal Carboys and Pails

55-gal. Hazardous Labpack 29″h/22″w/22″d

1 cu. yd. Hazardous Materials Box 42″h/42″w/42″d

Recyclable RCRA Hazardous Containers:

17-gal. RCRA Waste Container

Get credit for your expired pharmaceuticals through our reverse distribution program.  Call us to learn more!