Pathology Waste Disposal

Pathology Waste Disposal

Pathology Waste is a regulated medical waste. Human and or animal tissue or body parts are examples of pathology waste.

Clinics, research facilities, morgues, funeral homes and farms produce this kind of waste. MERI can help to safely collect, treat and dispose of it.

Soft pathological waste, like tissue, human body fluids, and research animal waste, are things that MERI processes at its licensed treatment facility.

Hard pathological waste, such as bones, are treated by incineration. MERI can collect and arrange for proper disposal of this waste too.

Infectious Materials

In addition, MERI disposes of infectious waste often generated by facilities that work with pathological waste. Some of these biohazard materials include sharps and scalpel blades. Pipettes and discarded glass or rigid vials containing infectious agents can collect as well.