Sharps Containers and Liners For Purchase

MERI Inc. offers a variety of disposable regulated medical waste containers and liners that can be purchased individually or by the case. We’d be happy to drop them off the next time we collect your waste.

1 quart Sharps Container  6.3″h/4.3″w/4.3″d

1.5 qt. Sharps Container  10″h/3″w/3″d

1 gal. Sharps Container 6.3″h/10.5″w/7″d

2 gal. Sharps 10.3″h/10.5″w/7″d

5 qt. Sharps Insert 12.5″h/11″w/5.5″d

Biohazard Container 8-, 12-, 18-Gal.

RCRA Hazardous  Containers 2-, 8-, 12-, 18 Gal.

Non-Hazardous Pharmaceutical 2-, 8-, 12-, 18 Gal.

Trace Chemotherapy Waste 2-, 8-, 12- ,18-Gal.