Covid or Common Flu – Which One Is It?

Feeling sick and wondering if it’s either Covid or the Common Flu?

This free poster by MERI outlines the symptoms of both. It also notes who is more at risk of getting either one, along with the mortality rate for each. In addition, if there is currently an available vaccine (as Fall, 2020), to prevent at least one of these illnesses.

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cold or common flu

Who is At Risk of Getting Covid or Common Flu?

When comparing those of have an increased risk of getting sick, the common flu has a more inclusive list.

Children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those with underlying conditions or immunosuppression have an increased risk of the common flu. On the other hand, COVID-19, particularly puts the elderly and those who are immunosuppressed or suffering from an underlying condition at risk.

One way to prevent either of these illnesses is to follow effective hand washing practice, such as the those recommended here. Also, practice CDC guidelines on social distancing and mask wearing to reduce the spread of the virus.

What is the Mortality Rate for Covid vs Flu?

Many haven’t taken COVID-19 seriously because it has symptoms similar to the common flu. However, what really sets them apart is the mortality rate.

The amount of people who die from influenza is well below 0.1%, while for COVID-19 the death rate is currently between 3-4%. That means you are 30-40x more likely to die from COVID-19 than the common flu.

How are Symptoms Different Between Covid and the Common Flu?

With the common flu, symptoms develop anywhere between 1-4 days.

With COVID-19, symptom development can be significantly delayed up to 14 days, although they typically develop around 5 days and as soon as 2 days.

Some may not experience any symptoms at all. This means that a person with COVID-19 has a higher chance of unknowingly spreading the virus than they do with the flu.

Are Vaccines Available for Covid or Flu?

The common flu had a much higher mortality rate when there was no vaccine availability. Now, there are plenty of vaccines and antivirals for the common flu you can obtain from a variety of sources at an affordable rate.

For COVID-19, although clinical trials are underway, there are currently no licensed vaccines for the virus.

MERI Disposes of Both Covid and Common Flu Waste

MERI, a medical waste disposal company, disposes of medical waste, including needles from flu shots and Covid testing waste.

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