Easy Lab Waste Disposal

When you need a solution for lab waste disposal, look no further than your mailbox.  MERI medical waste mailback kits are the solution to an increased need for reliable, cost-effective biohazard lab waste disposal in the fast-paced world of laboratory testing and research.

How Mailback Kits Work for Lab Waste Disposal

Each MERI mailback kit includes a rigid sharps collection container and return shipping materials for delivery to our licensed infectious waste treatment facility. That means no in-person pickup fees or collection time stress. In addition, our mailback kits come in sizes ranging from 1 quart up to 28-gallon containers, making them perfect for labs that generate smaller quantities of testing waste. Equally important, MERI mailback kits are USPS, and DOT certified and properly document and dispose of lab-generated, regulated medical waste.

Examples of Lab-Generated Waste

  • Sharps (needles, lancets, pipettes, blades, broken test tubes, and slides)
  • Swabs
  • Infectious materials that contain bloodborne pathogens

Safe and Regulated Lab Waste Disposal

The management of your laboratory waste must meet regulatory standards. To start, educate yourself on the laws and regulations of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Next, it’s essential to know your lab’s waste profile – what types of waste you are generating and how you safely handle your lab waste. RCRA violations can result in steep financial penalties and even criminal prosecution. Additionally, unsafe handling of biohazard waste is harmful to the environment.

The work you do is essential. So is the safe, proper disposal of your lab waste. MERI is here to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or receive a quote.

“As a small quantity generator of biohazard waste, your mailback kits solved my problem by providing an inexpensive way to dispose of sharps and infectious waste.”

John Patrick

Fastest Labs of North Palm Beach, FL


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