MERI Disposes Records Contaminated by Sewage Water

MERi is helping businesses dispose of records contaminated by sewage water as they dig out from the recent floods. Madison Environmental Resourcing, Inc. (MERI) disposes of this biohazard material at its licensed infectious waste treatment facility.  

Jim Fitzpatrick, MERI CEO, said, “As the floodwaters recede, people may wonder what to do with moldy, infectious confidential papers and records. We can take the worry away by safely collecting, disinfecting and destroying this for them.” 

MERI is a Waunakee, WI-based medical waste disposal company. It works with hospitals and businesses throughout the Midwest to remove biohazard, hazardous and universal materials. When floodwaters rise, it also helps communities dispose of records contaminated with sewage water.

A licensed infectious and hazardous waste transporter, MERI also has a licensed infectious waste treatment facility. Its microwave processors sanitize and shred items to a fraction of their original size.

In addition, through its nationwide sharps mailback program, MERI provides a cost-effective solution for facilities looking to collect and safely dispose of needles.