Medical Waste Disposal in Beloit, Wisconsin

Medical Waste Disposal in Beloit, Wisconsin

Local Pickup in Beloit, Wisconsin or Nationwide Medical Waste Mailback

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Local Pickup Service in Beloit Wisconsin

MERI (Madison Environmental Resourcing Inc) is a licensed infectious and hazardous waste transporter.

We collect medical waste at facilities throughout Southern Wisconsin, including Beloit. 

Our pickup service is ideal for facilities that generate more than 20 lbs of waste per month or have accumulated a large volume of medical waste.

With MERI’s Local Pickup Service:

  • We’ll supply you with the appropriate transport container(s).
  • Schedule pickups regularly or only when needed.
  • There are no required monthly fees; pay only when you have a pickup.
  • You have a single source provider with our ability to collect and dispose of various types of waste.
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We Pickup and Dispose Of:

  • Regulated Medical Waste
  • Sharps Waste
  • Pharmaceutical Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Bulk Chemotherapy and Trace Chemotherapy Waste
  • Lab Waste
  • Pathological Waste
  • Universal Waste (Bulbs, Batteries)
  • Blue Wrap Recycling

I Need Medical Waste Disposal in Wisconsin

Medical Waste Disposal in Wisconsin with MERI Mailback Kits

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Sharps Disposal and Infectious Waste Removal by Mail

Don’t have much waste? Send us your sharps and other infectious waste by mail using our nationwide medical waste mailback kits.

They are the perfect solution for those who generate less than 20 lbs of infectious waste each month. Plus, come in a variety of sizes, from 1 quart to 28 gallons, to meet your sharps and other infectious waste removal needs.

Various mailback kits and sharps containers

Cost-Effective and Convenient 

Unlike typical pick-up services, no contract, monthly minimum, or stop fees exist. Instead, when the container is full, give the pre-paid postage box to a USPS postal carrier or take it to any U.S. Post Office.


USPS and DOT certified, these sharps disposal mailback kits feature FDA-cleared rigid biohazard container(s), shipping paperwork, and documentation noting compliant medical waste destruction.

Everything You Need

Each kit contains everything you need, including a pre-paid return postage label and paper manifest for proof of proper disposal. We’ll also keep an electronic copy of your manifest on file for easy retrieval.

Order MERI medical waste mailback kits here

Some of Our Most Popular Medical Waste Mailback Kits for Small Quantity Generators:

28 gallon biohazard mailback kit - box and container
Two, One-gallon sharps disposal mailback containers
Two 1 quart containers mailback kits
2 Gallon Sharps Disposal Mailback Containers (Case Qty 4)