The medical waste mail back system comes with a lot of options
We often write about how convenient the medical waste mail back system is for small waste generators. But what you might not realize is just how versatile the system is. Getting the most out of a medical mail back kit comes down to selecting the right container for your needs. Read more

Medical waste disposal can be as easy as mailing a letter

We know that change can be uncomfortable. But what if it could save you time and money? Disposing your medical waste through the mail is a fully compliant and time-saving alternative for small waste generators who count on medical waste disposal facilities for a pick up. Read more

To avoid hefty fines, it’s vital that veterinary clinics dispose of their medical waste in a compliant, safe manner. For those that generate only a small amount of infectious waste, we find the best (and cheapest) way to do this is by using a certified medical waste mail back system.

When small generators of infectious waste first hear about medical waste mail back systems, they often wonder if it’s legal.  In short, yes. Here’s how this system abides by every governmental regulation to ensure your waste is disposed of safely and compliantly.

If you own a tattoo parlor, you probably know that your needle sharps and other infectious waste can’t be tossed out with your standard trash. What you might not know is the increasingly popular method of compliantly disposing of your waste through a mail back waste system.

Dispose of your medical waste for less with a mail back system

Many nursing homes rely on a medical waste disposal company to pick up their infectious waste. However, there may a cheaper alternative. A waste mail back system allows for easier and often less expensive waste disposal for small waste generators. Read more

The MWR sharps disposal system lets you dispose of needles via mail

Looking for an easier and less expensive way to discard a small amount of sharps? Using an MWRS sharps mail back kit can cut your costs nearly in half and lets you dispose of sharps without needing to call a service. Read more