Thank You For Making Our Day

Thank You for making our day Gail! This testimonial from you affirms what we do everyday really matters.

MERI looks out for my hospital’s best interest. I like doing business with MERI because they are honest and trustworthy.”  

Gail Reichling, Housekeeping Supervisor, Upland Hills Health

Also thank you for making our day Gail, for your testimonial for what we do for you and your team at Upland Hills. We’re going to proudly add it to our growing list of other testimonials from MERI customers.

Notes like these mean a lot to us, because we like to take care of our customers.

We’ve heard from many of you that our electronic manifests and customer portal have made reporting a lot easier. Hospital and surgical center administrators have also thanked us for helping them to be more sustainable, and reduce their waste numbers, by recycling their surgical blue wrap and repurposing their medical devices.

Because medical waste has its own ebb and flow, we’ll make it a priority to get you picked up, even if it’s not your scheduled date. Find yourself needing more containers and bags? No worries about going over an allotment. We’ll get them to you free of charge.

We’ll also help you save time and money by being your one source for picking up not only infectious waste, but also pharmaceutical and hazardous chemical waste, or universal materials like batteries, fluorescent light bulbs and medical devices.

We know that you often have a lot to juggle so helping to make sure that you are compliant is one small way we can keep you and your staff safe.