Agent Authorization Letter Helps with Pickup Process

Do you have a generator’s agent authorization letter on file with your medical waste hauler?


What is a Generator’s Agent Authorization Letter?

An Agent Authorization Letter is a document signed by the generator, giving a medical waste hauler (in this case, MERI) approval to sign manifests on behalf of the generator as an authorized representative. In addition, this authorized representative can also sign bills of lading, material profile sheets, land disposal restriction notifications, and hazardous waste manifests.


Why is a Signature Important?

A waste manifest is a historical document that records the cradle-to-grave process of your regulated waste from collection to its final destruction. Furthermore, the DOT requires proper documentation that outlines what you are transporting. By signing the manifest, the waste generator agrees to package materials in high-grade collection containers that are appropriately marked. Likewise, they confirm the containers are not overfilled or leaking. In short, you acknowledge that your waste is properly packaged, labeled, and segregated.


Why Have an Agent Authorization Letter on File with your Medical Waste Hauler?

While onsite to do a pickup, when it is time for the manifest to be signed, the MERI driver can see from our electronic Genesis manifest system if the generator has an agent authorization letter on file. If they do, our driver knows he is authorized to act as the facility’s representative and will sign the manifest on their behalf. As a result, the facility’s environmental service team members do not have to be present at the time of collection. Therefore, making your infectious or hazardous collection process more efficient.


The Generator is Always the Responsible Party!

Even if you have MERI signing the manifest as your agent, you must understand that as the generator of the waste material, you remain fully responsible and liable under federal and state hazardous waste regulations.

Your organization’s staff with infectious or hazardous waste responsibilities must undergo proper training. The bottom line, they must know how to properly handle, collect, package, and dispose of infectious and hazardous materials.


Helpful Resources

Use these posters created by MERI to help educate your staff on properly packaging waste for biohazard and universal disposal.

Want to know more about the medical waste manifest? See our recent blog: What is a Medical Waste Manifest?

In addition, MERI offers hazardous waste certification training. This DOT healthcare-focused course is required every three years for environmental service, plant, and safety staff who handle hazardous waste. The course focuses on what goes into preparing and signing shipping papers. Moreover, it covers placarding, security, marking/labeling, packaging, loading/unloading of vehicles, and other regulated activities under the DOT hazmat regulations.

You are in good hands with MERI as we are licensed to haul infectious, universal, and hazardous waste.   Rest assured, our drivers and staff undergo all the necessary RCRA, hazardous waste awareness, and DOT Hazardous materials training.


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