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Industries We Serve….is a series highlighting the different types of businesses’ MERI services, such as Medical Waste Disposal for IV Infusion Clinics. MERI collects and disposes of biohazard waste like sharps, infectious waste, and hazardous and non-hazardous materials.


IV Infusion Clinics Serve Need for IV Therapy

Infusion clinics providing IV therapy have begun to open nationwide. This includes MERI customer in Madison, WI, Badger State Hydrate, led by Dr. Louis Scrattish along with Shannon Coltrane and Stephanie Lawton.

Clients needing an infusion of fluids and nutrients say IV therapy is a game changer.

“Those who benefit most from IV therapy deal with chronic conditions such as migraines, digestive problems, or blood flow disorders,” says Scrattish. “Others, who are extremely dehydrated due to an illness or extreme exertion, say having fluids and nutrients injected directly into the bloodstream boosts their hydration and health.”

Scrattish, who works at emergency rooms in Madison, Beaver Dam, Medford, and Richland Center, says many patients who go to ERs primarily get IV fluids. Meanwhile, infusion centers run by providers such as UW Health and SSM Health, also MERI customers, focus mainly on chemotherapy and blood products.

Eating a balanced diet and drinking water daily can provide the required vitamins and minerals. However, others who have trouble absorbing vitamins and minerals from foods find this is the ticket to their general health and wellness.

“We’re trying to create a whole new space in the medical system for people who need advanced therapy but don’t need the diagnostic capabilities of an ER and are not critically ill,” says Scrattish.

“I like working with MERI for our sharps and infectious waste disposal because they are easy to work with,” Scrattish added. “MERI’s on-call pick-up schedule works great for our IV therapy clinic. Plus, there’s no monthly minimum and no hidden fees.”


Medical Waste Disposal for IV Infusion Clinics

MERI can help other IV therapy clinics locally with our pick-up service or nationwide with our medical waste mailback kits. Mailback kits are ideal for IV infusion clinics that produce less than 20 lbs of waste per month. In addition, the mailback kits are an affordable solution, saving on stop fees. After ordering the desired size kit(s) directly from our website, drop the box with the U.S. Postal Service whenever your container(s) are full.

Contact us to learn more about how MERI can help with your IV infusion clinic waste.




“MERI’s on-call pickup schedule works great for our IV therapy clinic’s medical waste disposal. There’s no monthly minimum and no hidden fees.”
Dr. Louis Scrattish

Badger State Hydrate

Clinician holding IV Bag Filled with Fruit for iv infusion clinics

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