How To Dispose of Unused Diabetes Supplies

Wondering what you can do with unused diabetes supplies? Nearly 415 million people worldwide have diabetes, with 1 in 10 diagnosed in America alone. Unfortunately, for many, life-saving diabetes supplies are scarce or inaccessible. But there are simple steps you can take not to waste these resources. Luckily, unused supplies, since not considered contaminated, can be redistributed to those in need. Here are some guidelines on where to take your unused diabetes materials.

Donating Diabetes Supplies

The best place to start is in your own backyard. Call your local clinics, health departments, and shelters. They likely accept donations of unused syringes, test strips, vials and pens, and more. Your nearest diabetic organization is also a valuable resource.

Shipping Diabetes Supplies

You can make an impact worldwide by shipping to nationally-based centers such as Insulin for Life. IFL ships diabetes supplies to communities in need around the world. See their guide for accepted materials and shipping here.

Disposing of Unused Diabetes Supplies

Unaccepted donations, such as open or expired items, must be properly disposed of. For example, you can put expired test strips directly in the trash. To dispose of insulin, look for a drug takeback event in your community.

Never put sharps such as syringes, lancets, or pen needles in the trash. Unused sharps must be disposed of in proper containers to protect others from injury. Additionally, never flush these materials down the toilet. Instead, consult to find a sharps disposal site near you.

Remember to remove your personal information from the packaging. If local disposal is unavailable in your area, MERI’s Mailback Kits are a safe, cost-effective solution.






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