MERI Reaches 10 Year Safety Record

10 years no lost time accidents at MERI

MERI recently reached a 10 year safety record. MERI’s medical waste disposal team has worked a decade without a lost time injury.

CEO Jim Fitzpatrick says MERI’s entire team understands and applies safe work practices. “Our team not only worked hard, but safely, to achieve this milestone. They look out for the health and safety of each other, both inside and outside of the work place,” he said. 

Fitzpatrick says MERI has a high-performance, self-directed work culture. He explained the team is proactive, following the core principle of:

  • See It!
  • Own, It!
  • Solve It!
  • Do It!

all while getting things done in a safe manner.

Collecting and properly disposing of medical waste is a not a job everyone can do. Safety is a top priority in order to not be exposed to infectious materials. “The precautions we take to protect our MERI team and customers is demonstrated by this pinnacle of 10 years with no lost time injury,” said Fitzpatrick.

“Having a safe work environment retains employees. It also lowers insurance premiums and increases moral within the organization.” Fitzpatrick added, “I’m so proud of our MERI Men and Women who made this milestone happen!”

MERI Team Celebration Luncheon

Recently, MERI’s employees took a photo to celebrate the safety record at a team luncheon.

MERI employee group photo
MERI Employees in a photo, from left to right, (Front Row): Jim Detter, Lisa Clark, Tammy Greiber, Staci Willems, Jim Fitzpatrick. (Second row) Caleb Kitzerow, Rollie Long, Bill Chadwick, Keith Olson, Tyrone McGee. (Back Row) Tom Seib, Richard Zacharias, Paul Blazer and Todd Westbury.