Thank You for Choosing MERI Video

Thank you for choosing MERI. We don’t take lightly the responsibility of managing your medical waste. And, we appreciate your support in helping us to properly dispose of your infectious, hazardous, pharmaceutical and universal waste streams.


This thank you for choosing MERI video is a token of appreciation to our customers. Many of you have been with us since our inception over three decades ago. Because of your encouragement, we’ve been able to:

  • develop training programs and educational blogs to keep you up to date
  • support sustainability initiatives, like recycling surgical blue wrap
  • expand our services to include a nationwide medical waste mailback system
  • and most importantly, finding innovative solutions to your medical waste issues, whatever they may be

MERI Services

Madison Environmental Resourcing, Inc. began in 1985 by three Madison, WI hospitals, who formed an alliance to cost-effectively collect and treat their medical waste.

Over the years, we’ve grown to other states and serve a variety of organizations. We now offer a full range of transport and treatment services. Today we do everything from devitalizing biotech waste to disposing dental amalgam. In addition, we recycle sustainable materials like blue wrap and medical devices. We also collect infectious waste and sharps through our nationwide mailback program under our subsidiary, Medical Environmental Recovery Inc.

Our mission then, as well as today, is to provide effective, environmentally safe medical waste disposal services at a low cost so that our customers can dedicate resources to patient care.

We’re Happy to Help

Let us know how we can help you with any of the following sustainable efforts, including:

  • Recycling your medical devices and surgical blue wrap
  • Maximizing your return potential from expired pharmaceuticals
  • Conduct in-person training or waste audit
  • Designing solutions to streamline your waste process

MERI swiftly collects and documents your biohazard waste, including sharps and infectious materials, from cradle to grave, with sustainable, electronic manifests. Being a fully licensed and insured medical waste transport, treatment and disposal company, MERI ensures your regulated waste streams follow all local, state and federal guidelines regarding proper transportation and destruction. We offer a pickup service for organizations in Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Northeast Iowa, Northern Illinois and Southeast Minnesota. In addition, MERI also offers a nationwide medical waste mailback program.