Use Genesis to Help File WI DNR Annual Infectious Waste Report

If your Wisconsin facility sent out 50 pounds or more of infectious waste during any calendar month, then you’ll need to file a WI DNR annual infectious waste report. Fortunately, MERI’s Genesis customer portal is a great tool to help our existing customers find the infectious waste numbers needed to complete your report.


How do I Use Genesis To Get My Annual Infectious Waste Numbers?

MERI’s Genesis customer portal is handy when pulling infectious waste numbers for your report. You can download everything from pickups to pounds processed by waste type. In addition, you can find past manifests with the collection, treatment, and disposal timestamps.

Access Genesis here or through the customer portal link on MERI’s home page. Contact us if you need assistance when logging in with your user name and password.

Once you are in Genesis, click on the Reports tab. Then, scroll down to the annual summary report tab. There, add the dates you need and hit submit. An excel report will download for you.


What’s the WI DNR’s Definition of Infectious Waste?

The WI DNR has provided detailed information about what is considered infectious waste.


Is My Facility Exempt from Filing as a WI Infectious Waste Generator?

Generators can find exemption information at, under the “Exemptions” tab.

Note that sites only generating COVID-19 mass vaccination or testing waste, including sharps and other waste, are not required to submit the WI DNR Infectious Waste annual report at this time. For questions or assistance with this exemption, contact


Why Do I Need to File a WI DNR Infectious Waste Report?

W.I. State law N.R. 526 requires businesses and institutions to separate and manage the proper disposal of infectious waste. Therefore, hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes may need to implement plans to reduce medical waste. However, with everything going on, the WI DNR understands the fact your numbers may look different than in previous years.


When is The Infectious Waste Report Due?

Released in mid-January, the report is due to the WI DNR by March 1 of the current year. Be advised, the DNR will assess a $25 fee if the report is late.


How do I make Updates to my Account?

To update contacts at your facility, please email  If your facility has changed ownership, moved to a new location, or closed, please email







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