A bill concerning sharps disposal has been introduced to Congress

People who use sharps and are covered by Medicare could find some relief in the future. A bill has been introduced to Congress that, if passed, would provide coverage for home-generated needle use and destruction. Read more

Dispose of your medical waste for less with a mail back system

Many nursing homes rely on a medical waste disposal company to pick up their infectious waste. However, there may a cheaper alternative. A waste mail back system allows for easier and often less expensive waste disposal for small waste generators. Read more

Dispose of your medical waste cheaply and easily through the mail

Most producers of even small amounts of infectious waste depend on a waste disposal company for pick up. However, in many cases, a mail back system has proven to be a more cost-effective way for homes and smaller clinics to dispose of their medical waste. Read more

Improper sharps disposal can cause more than just a painful prick. For garbage, recycling and other waste disposal workers, it can mean serious infection and even death. Understanding the dangers of irresponsible sharps management is a crucial step in keeping everybody involved safe.

The disposal of your medical waste shouldn’t be overly expensive…so long as you’re doing so correctly and cost efficiently. If it feels like you’re being charged through the nose for your medical waste disposal, you could be making one of the following eleven common mistakes.

 Incorrect sharps disposal is hazardous to yourself and disposal workers

Times change – especially when it comes to sharps disposal.  In fact, many methods currently being used are either exposing people to health hazards or are overly expensive. These four guidelines will help make your sharps disposal safer and more cost-effective. Read more