Our customers often tell us that, thanks to MERI’s Genesis e-manifest system, filing infectious waste reports is simple. Everything from pickup details to pounds of waste processed is downloaded into an excel sheet for quick and easy reference.

You can access Genesis through MERI’s home page customer portal by typing in your confidential user ID and password.  If you’ve forgotten what either might be, no worries. We can reset it for you.

In addition, we can also update any new contacts at your facility who’ll need a copy of the electronic manifest when we come to collect your medical waste.

New Genesis User Video

This video below highlights key Genesis features, including:

Genesis features include a: 

Main Dashboard

The main dashboard gives an overview of your manifests and bill of ladings.  If you’re looking for a specific manifest, you can search by date. Or, you can search by manifest number. After finding what you’re looking for, you can view, download or print the PDF of each manifest you need.

User Profile

Genesis’ user profile tab is where you can go to change your password. You can also tie other facilities to the account. Additionally, the user profile has a Quick Sign feature which enables your legible electronic signature to be retrievable for signing future manifests.  

    • Waste reports can be easily generated by going to the reports tab and selecting waste reports. Note the date range you need, and your report will download as an excel file.
    • If you need a quick and comprehensive view of manifests by location, you can head to the manifest listing report tab under “reports”. Note the date range you need, and your report will download as an excel file.
    • The annual summary reports tab is a helpful tool when you want to review manifest reports on a long-term scale by summing up the pounds of waste produced throughout the year. It is especially useful when pulling together information for your DNR annual report.
Training Information

Finally, the training tab is where you can go to engage in the training modules, quizzes and videos. This section also has free posters, such as what goes in a red bio bin. The training covers everything from preparing waste for shipment to completing a hazardous waste manifest. You can also download posters to keep around your building for friendly reminders on how to handle hazardous waste properly. 

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re happy to help